God hears our prayers!

We prayed for a young girl that we met at an apartment complex. One of her arms was smaller than the other and we started talking to her about prayer.  We asked if we could pray for her and she agreed.   We didn’t really ask her how she wanted us to pray — we just started to pray for …

God still heals the deaf!

A young man of 17 years was brought by his family for prayer. He had been unable to hear since birth. After prayer we began to lightly snap our fingers behind and to his sides. He started to grin and we asked why he was grinning he said he was able to hear. We tested both ears and for the …

God removes cancer!

A man came for prayer who had liver cancer.  He received prayer on Monday night.  He went to see his doctor for a scheduled appointment on Wednesday and all the cancer was gone.

God heals a knee!

A lady came for prayer for healing of her knee.  She had to use a cane to get around and was awaiting knee surgery.  After receiving prayer, the pain was gone immediately.  She was so excited that the Lord had healed her that she ran out to show her family, leaving her cane behind.

God heals a paralyzed stroke victim!

A lady came for prayer walking with the assistance of a cane.  She had a stroke and was paralyzed on her right side.  We prayed for her and shared communion.  She received immediate healing and walked out without the assistance of her cane to the amazement of her family.

Achilles tendon not a weakness for God!

A lady came for prayer for healing of her Achilles tendon which had been torn.  She had been wearing a boot cast for the past 6-8 weeks awaiting surgery.  After receiving prayer, she removed the boot cast and was able to walk pain free.  She returned to the doctor who x-rayed the tendon and he declared she no longer needed …

God still heals the mute!

A man and his wife came for prayer.  He had previously had a mild stroke and had been unable to speak for three years.  After receiving prayer he started singing in a beautiful voice.  We asked why he was singing-it turns out he had been part of a singing group for most of his life.  It was one of his …

God heals arthritis!

A woman came for prayer who had rheumatoid arthritis so severe that she had been unable to leave her home for over a year.  After receiving prayer, she felt some relief.  The next morning she awoke completely healed.  She spent the day shopping in the markets and walking around her neighborhood enjoying her healing.  The next day she returned to …

X-ray proves God heals!

A man came for prayer who was scheduled for surgery to remove a brain tumor. During the prayer time one of the prayer team received a vision of a hand surgically removing the tumor. Later that week the man went in for surgery. Prior to surgery they took a final x-ray and could not find the tumor. The surgery was …

Healing from Headaches!

A woman came for prayer who had debilitating headaches which had forced her to take disability from her job for over a year.  After receiving prayer, pain was greatly reduced. She continued to come for prayer over the next few weeks and after two months was able to return to work, headache free.